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...lest we forget...

10:35 PM 4/12/07 · Probably one of the few times that Friday the 13th was something I was looking forward to. SciFriday this week will be featuring their brand new lineup...

...or the old one, plus one, depending on how you look at it.

SciFriday Tonight:
7pm - Heroes: all repeats
8pm - Stargate SG·1: last 10 episodes
9pm - Stargate Atlantis
10p - Painkiller Jane: new series based on the comic & movie

My only difficulty is that they'll be playing Shark & NUMB3RS on CBS starting at 9pm. Guess I'm gonna have to tape SciFi and watch it Saturday after de few morning toons I like go off.

Unless they're repeats again. Frustrating but occasionally advantageous.

10:45 PM 4/12/07 · A bit less of a problem; just saw a commercial. NUMB3RS will be a repeat!
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