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SciFi Friday's in April

11:28 AM 3/9/2007 · For their Friday night lineup, of late, the SciFi channel's been taking an old series and playing it, back to back, 3 episodes a night. They went through John Doe, Jake 2.0, and are currently doing Special Unit 2. This will only be going on for a little bit more, as I check an episode list for SU2 recently, and they're justabout out.

Starting April 13th they'll be starting up their new Friday lineup and it will be going like this:
  • Stargate SG·1 at 8pm, rounding off their final 10 episodes cuz some jerkweed decided to cancel the series.

  • Stargate Atlantis at 9pm, kicking off a brand new season with no end of the series in sight.

  • Painkiller Jane at 10pm, a character straight out of the comics and there's been one fairly decent movie made about her so far.

Don't know about you but I'm looking forward to this...though still wanna maim whoever's idea it was to kill SG·1!
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SGA is technically the second half of the third season, just so you know.
Do not confound the issue with logic!