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oh yeah, one other little thing

Was anyone else as disappointed with the last episode of Stargate SG·1 like me? Trying to avoid any spoilers; it was a great episode in and of itself but hardly the right note to end a series on. They didn't really finish it up, close things down, and just left it with an ongoing adventures feeling...

Can you tell me I'm not the only one that finds this extremely frustrating?

Since it's been in all the commercials, what do you think of this idea of Sam's character being transferred to Stargate Atlantis? You just know that's gonna cause issues with McKay!
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Maybe there'll be a movie?
Actually they're already filming two movies and if they go well they're planning to release a new movie every year...

Am I the only one who's heard this? :P
Considering they didn't know they were being canceled until they were midway through filming the second half of the season, I think they did well. I have a few quibbles with the episode as an episode, but the final scene was a great and fitting way to go out. We all want to believe the adventures will continue, and they will in the DVD movies, at least.
They ended it openly for a reason, they've already filmed their first movie which closes up all the Ori storylines. Their second movie following is in regards to Baal screwing up the universe again. If both movies go well, SG-1 producers hope to release a new movie every year in replace of a season.
I was a little sad, because they showed so much and then they went back and it never happened. But I liked ending the show with just a regular episode, because it's going to keep going.