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Okay, starting next week the SciFi channel will be kicking off the new (is it right to call it new since it's already been shown in another country?) season of Doctor Who as part of its SciFriday lineup. Despite at least one dissenting voice, who shall remain *cough*Wonder WomanDebicka*cough* nameless, I know I'm really looking forward to this. Before we get there, though, let's review a bit.

  • Which of the various rengerations of the Doctor is your favorite?

  • Who's your favorite villain from the show?

  • Who's your favorite (separate from last question) alien race?

  • Of all the Doctor's companions, which ones have you liked the most?

  • Do you hope the rumors that Rose Tyler will pop back in this coming season are true?

  • Do you really believe all the other Time Lords are dead? Whatever happened to the Rani?

  • What kind of things would you like to see happen with the series?

  • The last season kept harping on the Doctor being immortal but don't his people only get 12 regenerations and then they just kick the bucket?

  • Of the last 2 Doctors, which one did you like the most and why?

  • From the entire series, what was your favorite episode?
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