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5:18 AM 3/23/07 · Part of why I love watching Heroes on the SciFi channel so much is that the 2nd to last commercial break, just before the commercials actually start, they have a very brief interview with cast members. Last week, during Deceptions, they had the actors that play Hiro and his father gave a little insight to the father's character and their relationship.

While they weren't actually acting at the time, they were still reacting to each other like the characters they play which was just too cute:

Takei: ...he's doing what he can to ensure his son has a good future
Masi: Yeah, but that's not going to happen.
Takei: We'll see about that.

Just about died with how they were with each other. Also, very weird hearing "Hiro" without the super thick accent.

Wonder who they'll feature tonight.
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I only watched them on Monday nights on the network. It
sounds like I should check out the rebroadcast if they are
doing that.
tonight it's going to be on at 11pm on SciFi.