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seems to be a debatable point

I went on about this the other day, though a bit different than I will now, so here we go. The general view of the SciFi Friday lineup is from 8pm to 11pm. Usually they run 3 shows, though recently they've just been doing the one show with 3 episodes back to back. However, there's an extra hour that is largely being ignored.

7pm to 8pm...which they're showing Heroes during.

When that series first came on they repeated Mondays episode in that timeslot with the first 11 episodes. They didn't seem to continue that when new ones started coming on again but they did do it with the last one that was on. Currently, Monday nights, its normal timeslot is being filled not with repeats till then but a gameshow which is probably one of the dumbest in all creation. The lesss said on that the better...

...but according to my scheduling, Heroes is playing tonight on SciFi from 7pm to 8pm and will be doing so for the next several weeks. Whether or not this will continue when the new episodes of the show start up in another month remains to be seen but at least we won't be deprived of it each week until then.
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